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Imagine playing classical piano at age five. Now imagine not having the technical background to be able to perform that task. “I wanted to do everything that my brother did. He started playing piano so I had to. I didn’t like practicing so my parents would bribe me. For every hour I spent practicing they would buy me rock albums. I was really bad at reading music. I didn’t get good at it until I started writing my own songs.” While this is true, there is another interesting element involved here that would determine a level of creativity far beyond the norm. “I would do a funny thing. When I was a kid I would put down music in front of me and pretend I was playing it. I would invent some weird stuff. I knew how to make it sound like it was a real piece. People would say: ‘Wow she reads great, look at this.’

Lauren wrote her first song at summer camp. “I tried to save a little pink newborn bunny that was abandoned by its mother. He was named Twerp, well Twerp died and my friends and I wrote a memorial to him on guitar and recorder.” I had to chuckle at this simple quirky act of artistry and kindness. It gives unique insight to the artist in question.

Lauren signed her first record contract at age 18. “It didn’t really do anything for my career but it was really fun. We cut our first record in 7 days. I was so tired by the time we were doing the vocals I was practally asleep on the floor. I sang all my vocals on my back.” The band’s name was Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farmers.  “ We actually played Woodstock the year before it was big and our parents chaperoned us”

Lauren’s latest release is her first independent project and she has this to say about the process: “The bad thing is I don’t like running a business, show me a spread sheet and it’s like looking at musical notes I say what in the heck is this?  I was into it at first and it was good because I learned what was going on, but I don’t like to spend that much time away from my music.” Fortunately she did endure the business end to bring us her latest release Lauren Wood. It is a remarkable return to an amazing musical history. 

Currently Lauren is working on her career in the acting and voice over realm. This is not a new genre to her. Years ago she created a film called They Must Be Told. Sadly this project is not available except in the film underground. The film features many prominent artists but the highlight is Lauren’s ingenious sense of humor.

Aside from the arts Lauren has been very active in social issues. She has dedicated much of her time to the selfless challenge of assisting the people afflicted with AIDS and animals who are abused.

In order to catalogue all Lauren has done would take volumes, both in and out of the music industry. At the very least check out her new album, you will not be disappointed. To quote her: “Everything I do is a little off center, it may sound normal but that’s just an effect.” 


Article written by: Leslie Sallee
Leslie Sallee is a former audio engineer and is currently trying to figure out what to do with the rest of her life.

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