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Maryann has been in the music industry longer than most bands have been existence. She has been vital force in bands such as: Dan Hicks And His Hot Licks, The Kinks and Asleep At The Wheel. Aside from being a consummate vocalist she is also an adroit percussionist. In the late 60ís she went to Las Vegas: "I figured that was a good place to get a lot of stage experience, which it was. Really it was like studying show biz. The first band I was in was called Danteís Inferno, which was a knockoff of Brazil Ď66. I was able to learn how to play many different Latin American percussion instruments". Currently she is expanding her knowledge of drums with formal instruction and while she is very adept with brushes she knows times have changed. "Not many people play with brushes anymore. Most drummers play with bands too loud to be dynamic enough to hear the brushes. Playing with sticks is much more subtle that I thought it was. I didnít realize how sensitive they were but I love it. I love percussion so much sometimes I would rather play than sing."

Although Maryann has always contributed in some way to the process of songwriting in her career, she has taken a much more active role in the process on her current release "Jazzland" and her upcoming album "Lonestar State Of Grace". "I didnít write for a long time because itís so revealing and itís a very vulnerable place to be in. People will know what your inner most thoughts are. Usually I am attracted to things with a sense of humor but every now and then I like to sing a straight out meat and potatoes love song. I wrote a love song called The Way I Feel About You and The Apology which is the answer to "Cry Me A River". Both compositions are masterful products of a seasoned, talented veteran.

Having been in industry over three decades and with bands that have been signed to major record labels it isnít surprising that sheís chosen to be an independent artist. Unfortunately sheís suffered the same injustices so many other artists have. "All the major bands Iíve been with have re-released discs Iíve been on. That flatters me because it means my work still holds up today, but I havenít seen a penny from it. I didnít know better back then. I didnít know I needed to have a lawyer write inÖ. Maryann gets royalties on this, co-writers credit on that. Itís just typical of this business. Iím so glad we can make our own albums now. I donít see any advantage to being with a major record label anymore."

Another upcoming project for her is a band called The Texas Redemptors. The Redemptors are the brainchild of her husband Tary Owens. Sadly Tary was stricken with serious health problems four years ago. The musical community of Austin held a benefit to assist in the mounting medical bills. "So many people came out for the benefit it was like he had an resurgence of health, it was miraculous. Within a month or two he was playing again. He decided to put the band together and call them The Texas Redemptors because he truly felt redeemed."

Aside from The Redemptors, Tom Morrell And The Time Warp Tophands recently hired her to work on their album where she recorded What Makes Bob Holler and I Told You I Love You Now Get Out. Itís hard to believe she has time to concentrate on her own projects considering she is involved with so many other bands, but being true to form she is deeply involved in her art. She loves what she does and it shows.


Article written by: Leslie Sallee
Leslie Sallee is a former audio engineer and is currently trying to figure out what to do with the rest of her life.

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