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Jezebel Moon
Music - Pop, Rock, Hard Rock
" .... as for the days of the mediocre girl band - it's all over now baby blue!”
-Carolina Vegas Starr – Author: Toxic Shock Syndrome

"Energetic, with superb harmonies." -Bill Morse – Bands On The Run/WINTV

“They have it all: looks, hooks and killer chops.” -LP News

Sparked in the fall of '99, Jezebel Moon is already Ring-up audiences in some of the hippest Connecticut establishments such as The Frog Pond, The Corner Pocket, and Z’s Corner Cafe. This summer Jezebel Moon took their show on the road and began performing nationwide. Their first stop was the highly anticipated First Annual Southern Women's Festival in Georgia where they debuted their brand-new full-length CD, "Premonition". Jezebel Moon is comprised of 5 dynamic members with aspirations not falling short of conquering the universe!

Jezebel Moon -  Premonition Jezebel Moon's web site
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Meridian Green
Music - Folk
Meridian Green grew up during the 60’s in New York City's Greenwich Village acquiring a lifelong love of live music played in intimate nightclubs. The daughter of folk legend Bob Gibson, Meridian was enchanted by the magic of songs well sung and had the opportunity to hear Odetta, Fred Neil, Tim Hardin, Josh White, Jr., Cass Elliott, the Lovin' Spoonful and the Blues Project at clubs like the Night Owl, Gaslight, Bitter End and Cafe Wha. As a teenager she was a waitress in folk joints and nightclubs across the U.S. including Max’s in New York City, the Earl of Old Town in Chicago, and the Troubadour in Los Angeles. An extraordinarily fortunate twist of fate landed Meridian, at the age of 17, in the coastal village of Mendocino, California. Meridian's first professional performances were as guitarist with the Gypsy Gulch International String Band playing Romanian czardas, Portuguese fado, as well as American folk, bluegrass, ragtime and blues. Gypsy Gulch’s shows evolved to feature more of Meridian's vocals and original songs and eventually Meridian moved on to solo performances. In 1986 Meridian Green was joined by ex-Byrd Gene Parsons, on what was to have been her first solo tour. It was the beginning of an encompassing partnership. In 1987, as Parsons Green, Meridian and Gene recorded the critically acclaimed Birds Of A Feather and have since performed as an acoustic duet or with the Parsons Green Band in the U.S. and Europe. Until recently music has taken a back seat to family, environmental activism, building a business, a house and a hometown. Meridian Green's first solo recording in the heart of this town has recently been released on the new StringBender Records label. The album features a collection of Meridian's original songs that speak to matters of time and place, as well as Bob Gibson’s hit song “Abilene" and Jane Gilman's "Listen to The Thunder." Musicians on the recording include Gene Parsons, Bill Bottrell, Lily Parsons, Alex deGrassi, Michael Hubbert, and Paul McCandless.
Meridian Green - in the heart of this town Meridian's web site
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Yvonne Doll & The Locals
Music - Acoustic Rock, Alt. Rock
Yvonne Doll and the Locals are an acoustic-based 4 piece from Chicago ll. Best known for their rambunctious live shows they are fast becoming one of ' the Windy City’s favorite live bands. Yvonne Doll released her debut CD Bliss in early 1987 and received a flood of terrific reviews from the Chicagoland press and beyond. Bliss has received generous airplay from many regional college radio station sand is now picking up speed on internet radio stations. My Kind of Freak is the debut release of Doll with the Locals. This new album takes the folk-rock bones of Doll’s songs adds infectious violin hooks, thunderous drum finals and kinetic, melodic bass lines. The Locals are proud to announce the re-launch of their website,  The new site features the rock and roll quote of the day and the “What? Huh Contest” . The details of the contest are: Entrants listen to a sound clip from My Kind of Freak. and try to guess the actual words that are sung. The winners receive an assortment of My Kind of Freak merchandise, and all of the entries will be displayed on the website.
Yvonne Doll and The Locals - My Kind Of Freak Yvonne's web site
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Lisa Winn
Music - Rock, Folk
Her voice has a rarely felt power and purity...genuinely moving..."
Philip Wilding - Classic Rock Magazine, UK

"Her charm will envelope you, her voice will captivate you and her music will leave you breathless."
C.J. Cauley - Shock Value Music Webzine, Ohio

From 1992-1995, Lisa Winn fronted several local Hamilton bands including "Sunflower Honey", which included Grant Marshall (Junkhouse). Since 1995 Lisa has performed hundreds of shows with Rob Lamothe in Canada, the United States and Europe.

"Mother Earth" is available now through Lisa Winn's website and at all of her upcoming shows. It includes two co-writes with Rob Lamothe, who also produced the CD. The title track "Mother Earth" was written by maverick Canadian songwriter, Ray Materick. Professor Mike Daley's song "Wishing on the Moon" perfectly rounds out 6 beautiful songs written by Lisa. Musicians on the record include Rob Lamothe, Jacob Moon, Shannon Lyon, Jeff Cowell, Jay Schneider, Mike Daley and Les Cooper. This CD marks her debut as a songwriter.

Lisa Winn
Lisa's web site
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